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Instant Antiviral Deep Sanitising Fog for your Premises

No more time-consuming, ineffective manual “deep cleaning”

Fogging is a fast-effective way to disinfect your premises, from the smallest salons or offices to the largest music venues.

In just a few minutes, all vertical and horizontal surfaces are fully disinfected with our safe spray mist particles, penetrating even the smallest of cracks!

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Reassure Your Staff and Customers

Spacechem Instant Sanitising Fog is:

  • Antiviral
  • 100% UK & EU compliant
  • Lab tested by manufacturers
  • High grade ingredients
  • Formula includes Propan-2-ol; quaternary ammonium compounds, benzyl-C12-14 alkyldimethyl and chlorides
  • Fresh orange fragrance
  • Fast drying. Resting time 2 hours
  • Stain resistant, no need to cover equipment, plants and documents (Fresh food and eating utensils must be covered)

Show your customers you care and that your premises are safe

🎥 Every clean is filmed and made available for your social media channels!

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Spacechem - Fog - Free - Fresh


Most owners know the square meter surface of their premises.

However, we also need to assess your cubic meter measurements (have an understanding of ceiling heights), the number of rooms, any adjoining areas through a door, restrooms, corridors and staircases.

Once we have all his information and your location, we can confirm our quotation and the booking.

We recommend a 2-hour resting time. The fog dissipates after 90 minutes, but if necessary, it’s possible to access the room after 30 minutes by opening the windows. However, by doing so, the overall result may be affected.

Just the same as regular disinfectant sprays you would purchase in a shop, it is never recommended to breathe in fumes or for your skin to have any contact with chemicals.

Fogging is exactly the same.

Our teams focus on safety at all times, are equipped with the relevant PPE and fully trained to carry out fogging procedures.

It is fully safe to use the room/venue after a 2-hour period and touch any surfaces however, it is not safe to be in the room while fogging is taking place without adequate PPE equipment.

Therefore it is not possible for you to be present on the premises while fogging is underway and you must wait 2 hours before re-entering.

No customers or staff are allowed in the building/venue while fogging is taking place.

It can. We recommend turning fire alarms off or notify the control panel (security service) so that the alarm is disabled at an agreed time.

Propan-2-ol; quaternary ammonium compounds, benzyl-C12-14 alkyldimethyl and chlorides.

Fog spreads from the launch site - up to 30 meters.

Our PPE equipped team will be fully mobile, with access to all your rooms, corridors and staircases. Your premises will be covered 100%.

Yes, it is necessary to cover any fresh food and serving utensils. We recommend rinsing them before use.

There is no need to cover office equipment, flowers or documents.